Vertical Blinds Kealba

Vertical Blinds Kealba – The best blinds Manufacturers, Suppliers, installers and consultant in Kealba. My Home Blinds and Curtains offerrs free Made-to-Measure quotes on 03 6145 0073 today!!!

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Vertical Blinds Kealba
Vertical Blinds Kealba

Customised Beautiful Vertical Blinds for Kealba Residents

Looking for beautiful, functional, and affordable vertical blinds for your homes in Kealba? Come to My Home Blinds and Curtains Kealba and we will arrange for the finest range of vertical blinds for your windows. With our largest collection of all kinds of blinds, shutters, awnings, and window coverings – we take pride in delivering excellence through our products and exceptional customer service all over Kealba.

Whatever kind of window you have, we have just the right solution for it. Whether you need full privacy or partial, complete blackout or incomplete, more sunlight or less – we can help you choose the most appropriate kind of blind. My Home Blinds and Curtains has been successfully serving the residents of Kealba for over 20 years.

We cater to both commercial and domestic clients all across Kealba. Call us for a delightful experience in buying and getting installed the finest vertical blinds!


We have an exclusive range of vertical blinds that are way beyond than the conventional blinds. We design custom made vertical blinds that have a versatile nature to fit into any kind of environment. Unlike many suppliers available in the market, we make our vertical blinds only from the most superior quality products to give them a stunning look and feel. Our designed vertical blinds are more durable and last longer than others.

We strive to be the best in the industry and for this reason, we provide only the best to our customers. With our vertical blinds, you can be sure of high-class quality products, brilliantly crafted designs, and unbeatable blind installation services. Our blinds give you the kind of privacy and light protection you wish to have. Moreover, they are easy to operate, practical, and simply awe-inspiring.

Vertical blinds Kealba are designed in such a way that you can control them with a single wand. This is used to open or close the slats by twisting. Also, you can stack the blinds on any side. Once they are stacked, they don’t get into your way and give a fine shade. You can also ask for chain designs in our vertical blinds. A chain helps the slats stay there without swinging in case of a breeze. We also have chainless designs if you wish to have chainless vertical blinds.

All it takes is the touch of the magic wand in these blinds to set your mood! Control the amount of light entering your room and level of privacy with just a touch of this wand. Call us to know more!

Exclusive Vertical Blinds Kealba
Exclusive Vertical Blinds Kealba

Types of Vertical Blinds

My Home Blinds and Curtains Kealba has two varieties of vertical blinds and these are:

  1. Blockout Vertical Blinds- Blockout vertical blinds are mostly preferred for bedrooms where you wish to have complete privacy from sunlight and inquisitive eyes. You can use them in any other private areas for the complete blackout. Moreover, some people prefer to have these blinds in their living areas where sunlight is a major concern and causes trouble watching TV etc.
  2. Translucent Vertical Blinds- Another kind of vertical blind at My Home Blinds and Curtains is translucent one. These are light filtering in contrast to blackout blinds that block complete light. In a room where you wish to get rid of extra light from outside or protection from the sun, these are a perfect solution. You can have these blinds in dining areas or kitchen areas where a fair amount of sunlight is needed. These blinds offer shade and yet allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight.
  3. Our Vertical Blinds Supply & Installation Services- The licensed and certified staff works to help you make the right decision in finding the best blind for your home or office. And with our excellent blind installation services, you can be sure that all your blind related needs are fulfilled under one roof.

Apart from vertical blinds, we supply and install the following blinds anywhere in Kealba:

  1. Roller Blinds
  2. Honeycombs (Including Skylights)
  3. Venetian Blinds
  4. Plantation Shutters
  5. Austrian Blinds
  6. Panel Blinds
  7. Curtain Tracks
  8. Security Doors
  9. Roman Blinds
  10. Awnings
Customised Vertical Blinds Kealba
Customized Vertical Blinds

Measurement Process for Vertical Blinds

We take the measurement process of windows very seriously at My Home Blinds and Curtains Kealba. Unlike other service providers, we do not depend on the measurement figures provided in your house plans. We have learned from our experience that these figures can be misleading and thus we get down on our own knees to measure every single window when you call us for vertical blinds.

We take into account every minute millimeter of the window so that you get perfectly fitted vertical blinds. Additionally, we measure all windows no matter how similar they appear. This is important to ensure there are no flaws in our installation services and we make absolutely fitted blinds.

You can call us for a free measurement and free no-obligation quote!

Why Get Vertical Blinds from My Home Blinds and Curtains?

Our company provides you with a wide selection of vertical blinds in various designs, shades, fabrics, and shapes. Apart from that, getting your blinds from us give you various advantages because of our certain qualities, such as

  • We have 20 years of industry experience.
  • Our technicians are licensed, certified, and trained.
  • We deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We have the widest collection of blinds, shutters, awnings, and other window coverings.
  • You get vertical blinds at the lowest prices in Kealba.
  • We use the latest tools for measurement and installation.
  • Our blinds are made of high-quality products.
  • We serve in all areas of Kealba.
  • We deliver same day and emergency services.
  • We cater to a variety of industries with our excellent range of vertical blinds.
  • We can even do difficult and high access installations for blinds.
Vertical Blinds Installation Kealba
Vertical Blinds Installation Kealba

Our Exclusive Blinds Services

We cater to the following industries with our exceptional vertical blind Kealba:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Government Buildings
  • Homes
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Churches

My Home Blinds And Curtains Offers Same Day Blind Installation Service

We have an esteemed staff of professionals that can offer you any kind of blind installation service round the clock. Our staff is experienced and well trained which can help in providing perfect blinds installation service. We always utilize the latest tools and equipment for blind installation service.

The most valuable part of our deal is the completion of blind installation service within 24 hours. Well trained staff is very fast and proactive which results in blind installation on the same day without compromising the quality and efficiency of our products and services.

We always maintain superb quality while delivering blind installation. Our fast blinds installation service is available or you at affordable costs too. Cheap costs don’t mean that we compromise on quality. This fast and proactive blind installation service will save you a lot of time and money. Hire our services today and get effective blinds installation done with 24 hours without spending much and saving a lot of time.

Get the best range of vertical blinds and other blinds only at My Home Blinds and Curtains Kealba. Call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Vertical Blinds Kealba:

What else do I have to consider when getting new curtains?

The main problem faced by the curtains is of fitting and then the placing of the pattern and design. In what way it will be hanged. When you book an order with us you will not have to worry at all about these points. We provide the best possibilities for the selection of our customers.

What different kinds of blinds are there?

There are different kinds of blinds available to us. Some of them are Roller blinds, London blinds and Vertical Blinds. We are the manufacturer of most of the types of curtains and the blinds. So do not worry about the varieties. We know the combination and designs which customers like and want to have installed at their place.

How long until I can enjoy my new curtains or blinds?

It will not take 2-3 days to manufacture the curtain and blinds as per order and it will be delivered at your place. There are many teams working for us so that we can supply the blinds and curtains on time. We do not want to make our customers wait for a longer time.

Location: Kealba, Victoria, Australia

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