How To Upgrade Blinds Within Your Budget

Are you bored of the same look of your room? Do you want to upgrade your room but do not have the finances to buy everything new? Well, we will tell you a simple and easy way to give a stylish makeover to any room in your home. Just change the window covers in the room and see the dramatic difference. When you change the curtains and blinds of your windows, there is a drastic change in the appearance of the entire room.

You may think that even blinds don’t come cheap so how can you do things within your budget. Here we give you some simple tips on how to upgrade your blinds well within your budget; without blowing your pocket. By keeping these things in mind you will not have to spend a fortune to do change the looks of your room:

Keep an Eye for Sales –

Sales can save you a lot of money. So check for sales when planning to buy new blinds. Blinds bought from discount windows can give you the looks you have always wanted at a cost-effective price. When blinds get overstocked or discontinued then you can buy them at a cheaper price. The same case is with clearance blinds just because they are part of the clearance sale does not mean there is something wrong with them.

Start with Small Room –

When upgrading blinds on a limited budget, the simplest way is to start with a room that has less number of windows. This way you will need very few blinds to start with. You do not have to update the blinds of all rooms in one go. You can just update them one by one. As your budget allows.

Use DIY Tips for Window Treatments –

There are various ways to add your personal touch to your blinds or discounted blinds. You will have to research on the internet to find creative ways on how you can DIY to your window treatment. Use a creative way to make your blinds look more beautiful and expensive ones without actually spending too much on them.

Paint Wooden Blinds –

If you have wooden blinds at home then it is a better idea to paint them rather than replacing them. Just opt for a new coat of paint on the Customized Blinds. You can use the same colour or a new one for a completely changed appearance. For fabric blinds too, you dye the fabrics and give them a new colour without the need to replace them. By choosing these options, you will get new blinds at a fraction of the price.

Add Fabric Drapes Over Blinds –

Another simply way to upgrade your window coverings is by hanging fabric drapes or adding valances over your existing blinds. This will be too cheap as compared to buying new blinds for every window. Without changing the blinds, you will be able to change the appearance of the room.

Don’t Get Tempted –

When looking for new blinds, you might feel tempted to fall for expensive and high-end blinds. However, if you are on a budget then it is wise to control your temptations and choose only those Blinds that are functional, practical, and light on your pocket.

Enhancing the looks of your room has to be a little creative if you do not want it to be expensive. Instead of spending money, you can spend more efforts and time to find economical blinds for your precious windows. Keep the above mentioned tips into your mind and you can easily find what you are looking for at a very less cost.

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When you step out to buy new blinds for your home, you will be appalled to find the variety of options available in the market. Blinds are not just to increase the aesthetic beauty of your house but they also solve a major purpose of controlling light and heat in your room. Therefore, you need to choose wisely and spend carefully on the right kind of blinds for your home. With so many options available, it becomes a little difficult if you do not have proper knowledge about the blinds.

Window Blinds

Here is a simple guide to help you through the process and inform you about the basic things you need to consider while buying blinds for your house.

Light & Privacy Control

The first thing you need to consider while choosing the right kind of blinds is how much light and privacy control you need from your blinds. You need different types of blinds for different rooms of the house. For instance, your bedroom needs complete privacy and hence blackout blinds are best suitable. These blinds are able to block out almost all of the sun’s rays.

On the contrary, you cannot use blockout blinds in dining areas or in your kitchen. You need some light in such areas and thus light filtering blinds are best choice. These blinds illuminate your rooms by enabling sunlight to enter through them.

Roller Blinds

How much privacy and how much light control you need, decides which kind of blind you should choose. Venetian blinds are a great choice for living rooms because they give you full control over light and privacy control. You just have to adjust the slats using wand or cord and set them at a desired angle for completely dark room and full privacy or full visibility and light.

Consider Blinds’ Material

Second thing you need to consider while choosing the right kind of blind is the material of the blind. If a room is exposed to high heat, you should choose for aluminium blinds or white timber blinds. These have a reflective back coating that reduce the warmth and keep the room at a comfortable temperature. However, kitchens and bathrooms need special kind of blinds that can resist moisture. For such areas, one should prefer PVC blinds that are designed especially for moisture areas.

Consider Slats

Blinds come in two varieties – with slats or without slats. Blinds with slats give you proper control to choose how much light you want in your room. You can adjust the slats and control light level. Vertical blinds and venetian blinds come with slats and they are easy to operate too. These are most suitable for sliding doors. On the other hand, roller blinds and roman blinds usually come without the slats. You have to pull the blinds on one side to see out of your window. So depending upon your need and choice, you can opt for blinds with slats or without slats.

Window Blinds Services

Energy Saving Blinds

If you wish to save a little money on your power bills then blinds could come handy. You can use energy saving blinds that are especially designed using honeycomb cells embedded inside them. These trap air inside and don’t let it pass from outside to inside or vice versa. Cellular shades have such qualities and they provide you protection from heat and cold all year through. You can have these blinds in either motorized or cordless version to have additional insulation in the room.

Consider Style

Another important element to take into consideration while choosing the right blind is the style of the blind. The style needs to complement the theme and decor of your room. It is your personal choice what you want to choose for your rooms. The two particularly common blinds are venetian blinds and roller blinds. The former blinds are known for their elegance, style, and affordable nature. However, roller blinds are perfect to give a modern and streamlined appeal to your windows. If you use your windows more frequently then opt for roller blinds as they are more convenient.

Custom Blinds

Consider Your Windows

Different types of windows need different window treatments – blinds. You can never go wrong with custom made blinds as they are made to precise dimensions and fit perfectly well into your windows. It is important to ensure you are able to easily access the wand or cord of the blind fitted into your window. Get advice on which particular blind will be most appropriate for your window from blind experts!

Consider Safety

If you have kids at home then it becomes crucial to look for safety measures as well in your blinds. There are certain blinds that come with inculcated child safety devices. You can get such blinds made on order for the safety of your little ones.

Need more advice on how to choose the right blinds? Come to My Home Blinds and Curtains – we have been providing readymade and customized blinds to All Melbournefor over 20 years. We make all kinds of blinds in accordance with your choices and requirements. Give us a call and ask for a free measurement session!

Blinds make your home look elegant by adding an instant charm to it. The market nowadays is flooded with a huge range and types of blinds, but there is always something special about roller blinds. Out of so many options, roller blinds become the perfect fit as the window coverings. These blinds go well in about any space. Besides being prominent and beautiful window coverings, roller blinds have so many other advantages, that you may not be aware of. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss amazing reasons, that will make you fall in love with the roller blinds.

Roller Blinds

Why Roller Blinds are the Essentials?

Wide Range and Variety

You will never fall with the shortage of variety and options when it comes when it comes to roller blinds. Whether you need variations in its fabric or design or types you will get it all. They can differ from sunscreen to light filtering, to blackout blinds Melbourne, and from colours to pattern and material. Adding the different variations and, blinds make your home classic, bold or subtle.

Different Types of Roller Blinds Benefit You in Different Ways:

  • Privacy and light management in the blackout, light filter, and sunscreen blinds fabric.
  • Dual roller blinds Melbourne in the blockout and sunscreen fabric give you enhanced control over the factors like privacy and light.
  • There are also motorised and chain operated blinds.
  • Availability of mechanisms in different colours and shapes.
  • Roller blinds also insulate your house effectively. When installed in all the rooms, they insulate your house from the extreme temperature outside, effectively cutting the cost of your heating and air conditioning systems.

With the number of options and types, roller blinds never fail to meet your needs. Thus, with the increased demand, the manufacturers also have started creating the blinds covering your requirements. Be it is the functionality, accommodating the window space, or enhancing the interior, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

Different Types of Roller Blinds Benefit You in Different Ways

High Affordability

Along with being versatile in nature, roller blinds are affordable too. You can get a wide range of blinds at cost-effective prices. Moreover, these blinds are simple in nature and appearance, which give you a chance to look for other similar products available to use as the window coverings, in the same or even lower price range. Hence, if you find a product that furnishes the window and home, in the same as roller blinds, you can jump straight to it, However, installing roller blinds Melbourne themselves are the great options to adorn the windows, without having to pay through nose.

Compatible Nature

With the roller blinds installation, you can add a character to space. The designs can match your mood and style, effortlessly. These can be as bold or as subtle as you want. You’ll not have to put the efforts to match your interior with your blinds, they just fuse with the interior and the home.

If you think picking the best Roller Blinds for your homes is a simple responsibility then you might be wrong. You may have to discriminate among single and double rollers, and you might have to determine what substance you need, and it is up to your discretion that how you require the blinds to be operated. You should not make any of these determinations in haste.

Single Versus Double

One of the important decisions for you to decide whether you want single or double rollers.  As their titles recommend, single is constituted of a single fabric board and double are constituted of two fabric boards that can be operated separately of each other. Every panel will consist of a diverse fabric – one is usually impede out and another sunscreen or transparent.

If privacy is an issue then you can go for double roller blinds. As sunscreen and transparent fabrics let plenty of light in without allowing strangers to see straight into the house throughout the day.


The next step you have to take is to decide what kind of fabric you want for your roller blinds to be made out of. You will get three options – blockout, transparent and sunscreen. All of them have their own share of advantages and disadvantages, so it is crucial for you to balance them up as per your own requirements and lifestyle to assure that you’ve acquired the top selection of Blinds Melbourne.

  • Blockout – This fabric gives full secrecy when ceased so that nobody will able to view inside or outside. They’re more a vast variety when you want to ensure a room’s darkness. (such as into a house or multiplex or room).
  • Sunscreen – This fabric allows daylight filter within whilst it difficult for somebody to see inside the house throughout the daytime. It also gives a high level of UV stability, temperature control and glare deduction.
  • Transparent – This fabric too allows daylight filter in while keeping secrecy (in fact, it is essentially difficult to view inside). It will also give light deduction, which is quite beneficial for televisions and computers.


And one of the most important determination that you will have to make at the end is how would you prefer the blinds to be worked. Manual function (by a string) can be one of the best decision you could make, it is totally secure for kids as string engaged ones are equipped with rope protection tools to prevent the conflict.

Hire The Professionals For Blinds Installation Melbourne

If you are ensured that roller blinds would be the best option for your house, and the information that we have shared above has allowed you to make the best determinations for your requirements and lifestyle. At My Home Blinds and Curtains Melbourne, we provide both single and double rollers in the quality of fabrics so we can advise you to make the most suitable decision for your house. Moreover, we can help you with roller blinds installation as wellReach us online for a range of blinds and Blinds Installation Melbourne services.

Window Blinds are a type of window covering. Blinds are of many types and each type has different style and finishes. In modern times, window blinds are not just used for window coverings, they serve many other purposes like decorations and insulation. With Blind Installation companies like My Home Blinds and Curtains choosing blinds and getting them installed had never been easier. We are providing you with information on common types of blinds and their uses. Following this guide will help you choose the perfect type of blind for you.

Most Common Types Of Window Blinds

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are made by adding vertical layers of fabric instead of the traditional horizontal layers. The vertical layers are tilted in such a way by Blind Manufacturers that they block sunlight and keep your privacy. Vertical blinds look beautiful and they can be controlled easily as per your requirements

2. Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are very attractive and beautiful. They consist of a single sheet of fabric which is pleated and can be folded by pulling the cord. My Home Blinds and Curtains, Melbourne is a Blind Supplier and Installer which supplies roman blinds to add beauty to your house. These blinds also come with thermal lining to provide insulation and save energy.

3. Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are made attaching horizontal slats to a cord which give them a lot of mobility. The tilt of the slats can be adjusted easily with the cord to allow the required amount of light in. The entire blinds can be closed and completely block out the sun. They are available in different materials like fabric, wood, aluminium and PVC.

4. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds consist of a single sheet of fabric which can be rolled up on a casing. These are generally operated by a cord or a remote controlled motor. They are easy to use and budget oriented. They are available in many options like opaque, translucent, sheer, UV blocking etc. My Home and Blinds and Curtains ensure easy blind Installation.

Hire My Home Blinds and Curtains, Melbourne

Our Company is one of the leading brands in Blinds Installation in Melbourne. Our team of experts will clear all your doubts relating to blinds and choosing the perfect type of blinds for your window. You can choose from hundreds of available options. Our fabric and materials used are of top grade. Hire now, My Home Blinds and Curtains.

Blinds are popularly used everywhere like home, office and other places, the use of blinds is not limited to decoration only, it is used to add privacy in the premises as well. Most people don’t know about the varieties of blinds and its use, the lack of knowledge confuses people while buying the blind. In addition, the selection of blinds totally depends on the type of windows, every blind has a unique property. There has been huge confusion between the types of blinds, people often confuse between Roman blinds and Venetian blinds. Likewise, people also confuse when it comes to Blind Installation. In this blog, we will try to clear the misconception about the differences between blinds and on which basis the installation should be done

Here Is The List Of Some Common Type Of Blinds & Where Should The Installation Done.

  • Vertical BlindsVertical blinds are most beautiful looking blinds, it is made to block any type of light to come inside the room, because of the thick fabric it adds privacy as well. The best thing about the Vertical Blind is that you can control the transparency using a thread. This is also convenient to have in your office or home, we at My Home Blinds & Curtain we offer a complete solution for vertical blinds installation service
  • Roman BlindsRoman blinds are also considered beautiful, the good thing about roman blind is that it comes in varieties of shades and different colours, which made it perfect to blend in the atmosphere perfectly. Remon blinds are perfect to be installed in the living room, bedroom and dining room. So, choose from a different range of shades and colours, we at My Home Blinds & Curtains will do your blind installations.
  • Venetian BlindsVenetian blind is often used to cover small windows and it’s best to have installed them in room, bathroom and office which has small windows. Venetian Blinds are made of durable horizontal metal slats, which can be optimised to control the amount of light. For installation of Venetian blind call Custom Design Blinds.
  • Wooden BlindsWooden blinds are one of the best blinds which are very popular nowadays, it is made of wooden slats which are the best type of bling you can have at your home. You can choose from varieties of texture and patterns and have the installation we at My Home Blinds & Curtain will do the installations perfectly.

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If you are in search of the best variety of Roman Blinds for your beautiful houses. Then before you place your orders let us tell you that there are many different types of roman blinds available in the market. Here we will discuss all the unique variety of roman blinds.

These are The varieties of Roman Blinds you Will Find in Market

Plane Roman Blinds

You will find Plane Roman Blinds completely flat after opening them. Its fabric panel is also plane and it gets folds like an accordion when you open them. You will find a beautiful range of plain Affordable Roman Blinds in the market with unique patterns and latest designs. They look really amazing when you place them in your homes. Their fabric material could be thick and their joints are apparent to your eyes.

Hobbled Roman Blinds

The hobbled roman blind maintains its delicate, flapping folds, and loops while it is completely spread. Which makes a flowing, cascade appearance, near to the aspect of drapery.

Decked Blinds

A different option for maintaining your house’s appearance is to have the bases decorated. They can highlight a bent base, designated to as European design, a perpendicular panel in the centre, a base that extended out like a windmill.

Colours and Patterns

There is a huge variety for Roman blinds. Available in a collection of different colours, forms, and designs, from traditional designs to bright colour prints. They normally have dull colour support so that the external appearance of the house is consonant. Plain roman blinds can contain huge window panes amidst no light hiatus plus they are famous for climactic designs.

Light Filtering, Bedroom Darkening, and Secrecy Blinds

There are various choices for fabric reliant on the abundance of light filtering you want to acquire. Pick a warm or black liner for enhanced energy performance, light obstruction, and secrecy.

Cordless Choice for Protection

A constant string loop is an alternative that is particularly helpful for extensive blinds. It makes it simpler to rear despite heaviness. This reinstates the old string that is a security risk. They can further be implemented with no trouble cordless action for comfort and protection. Removing strings and cables collectively provides a clear and unsettling appearance and retains your little kids and pets secure.

Hire The Professionals

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If you are contemplating to decorate your homes then plantation shutters would be the best option for you. The number of Plantation Shutters has been increasing each year. Most of the homeowners go for window treatments to intensify the appearance of their house and also it helps them to provide more privacy and prevent the light to infiltrate inside the house. You will also get many options for plantation shutters.

Here are a Few Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters.

  • One of the best things about plantation shutters is that they last longer and didn’t get affected by the harmful rays of the sun. There are many good quality shutters available in the market. You just need to purchase them once and you will not have to buy them again and again, it will help you to save your time and money.
  • It is easy to fit Plantation Shutters inside the frames of the window.
  • You can select the quality of woods as per your discretion.
  • Plantation shutters are also good for concealment. You can fully open them to enjoy the view outside and keep them close if you don’t want anyone to look inside the house.
  • Plantation shutter is manufactured of timber and has a large life span.
  • Plantation shutters are really sturdy and look beautiful. And you will get many years of variety on it.

Some More Advantages of Plantation Shutters:

  • You will able to prevent the light to enter inside the house. You can block the direct sunlight just by opening the slats up. And by fully opening the slats your room will get totally congested with sunlight.
  • And you will not have to concerned about the maintenance of plantation shutters you will simply have to use a soft cloth to remove the dust off from them.
  • And plantation shutters also help you to conserve your energy bills. In summers If you keep them wide the cool air will enter inside your room and for winters you can keep the windows closed.

Whom To Trust?

Hire My Home Blinds And Curtains we are the best Plantation shutters suppliers and have become Melbourne’s top choice. Our designed and fixed shutters will totally enhance the appearance of your house and it will easy for you to afford them at a low price. You can hire us for the best and authentic plantation shutters installations service. Same day installation services are also available. Just call us on 03 6145 0073 now or you can reach us online too. Same day installation services are also available.

There are several types of blinds which you can install in your homes. The different blind with different styles have different use and are used according to the types of windows. The windows size and design vary in each place.

In that case, there are various types of blinds used by the professional for blind installation services. The professional blind installation services ensure to provide you the best blinds according to your windows

The Different Types of Blinds Used by our Professionals During Blind Installation Services are:

1. Mini Blinds

These are best blinds in case of small windows; as these are easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, the professional will provide you with a wide range of colors to install in your windows according to your interiors.

In the case of maintenance and cleaning these blinds are quick to clean by the use of safe methods of cleaning

2. Vertical Blinds

In case if there are large size windows in your homes, then the professional blind installation services make the use of vertical blinds which are large enough to fir in the large windows.

They are long enough to cover your windows from every side. These blinds are also flexible enough so that it can be adjusted easily.

3. Honeycomb Shades

These are the best blinds in case if there are children or any pets in your homes. These type of blinds are having the safety devices installed in them which are best to provide safety to your children.

These are best blinds for better interception of light in your homes. The professional use these blinds during the blind installation mostly to ensure the safety of the children.

4. Roman Shades

The roman blinds are best in the rooms having light color paint. These type of blinds give better execution to the fabric; also these come in light shades and give awesome look when placed in your interiors.

Which are the Best Blinds to Use in the Kitchen?

The kitchen in the homes usually have large windows; and also kitchen needs better interception of the light. In that case, the professional for blind installation usually recommend using the vertical blinds, as they are quite large enough to get completely fix into your large windows.

The vertical blinds are also longer in size; therefore get easily fitted. If your kitchen is having small windows then mini blinds are best to use.

The professional provides you with various types of blinds that one can opt for blind installation. In case if you are looking for the blind installation services then can contact My Home Blinds and Curtains. We provide the best professional that offer you the best services at your place. Our professionals ensure to install high-quality blinds in a quick way.

Blind installation in the homes is very necessary and also done to improve the look of the interiors of the homes. There is a need to have the best blind install in your place and give a charming look to your interior. As the company provides you with the best professional to choose the best blinds for yourselves. It is your duty to take care of the right blinds while choosing the right blinds manufacturers Melbourne for your windows for your home.

Several Things Need to be Considered While Choosing the Blinds Manufacturers Melbourne and Installers :

Style of the Blind

The blind you choose should be stylish and should match your interiors. If you have monotone interiors then printed blinds can be considered which complements your interior. For the best blinds with latest designs, the leading blinds manufacturers Melbourne will help you as they provide you with a wide range of options.

The Material of the Blind

The blinds come in several materials and their longevity depends on the material you choose. The blind material should have stuff and good material so that it cannot get damaged or torn easily. If one opts for the professional blind installation services then they use the best material to install in your windows.

Choose According to your Windows

There are different types of windows in houses and other places. There is a need to choose the right size of blinds which are according to the size of the windows and looks good in the windows. So depending on your furniture and interiors choose the blinds.

Provide Good Light

The best blinds are those which does not stop the entrance of light in your homes. The professional will help you provide with such blind and curtain installation which provides the maximum light.

Blinds with Safety

Always opt for such blinds which come with child safety devices. In the case of children in your home, these blinds work best and equipped with safety devices.

What to Do in Case Blinds Does not Fit in your Windows?

In some cases the blinds do not fit in the windows, then it might be due to the wrong marking and use of brackets incorrectly. Therefore, this case if you are not able to handle the blind and install them properly in the windows, can seek the help of the professional who provides you with the effective blind and curtain installation services. They will help in adjustment and selecting the accurate blind according to the size of the windows.

There are various things to look upon while having a blind installation. In case if you are looking for the blind installation services then we at My Home Blinds and Curtains provide you with professional for blind installation services Melbourne. The blinds manufacturers Melbourne provide you with the best services around the clock with the help of a highly skilled professional that give you the best services.