Best Blinds For You!

Best Blinds For You!

Blinds are popularly used everywhere like home, office and other places, the use of blinds is not limited to decoration only, it is used to add privacy in the premises as well. Most people don’t know about the varieties of blinds and its use, the lack of knowledge confuses people while buying the blind. In addition, the selection of blinds totally depends on the type of windows, every blind has a unique property. There has been huge confusion between the types of blinds, people often confuse between Roman blinds and Venetian blinds. Likewise, people also confuse when it comes to Blind Installation. In this blog, we will try to clear the misconception about the differences between blinds and on which basis the installation should be done

Here Is The List Of Some Common Type Of Blinds & Where Should The Installation Done.

  • Vertical BlindsVertical blinds are most beautiful looking blinds, it is made to block any type of light to come inside the room, because of the thick fabric it adds privacy as well. The best thing about the Vertical Blind is that you can control the transparency using a thread. This is also convenient to have in your office or home, we at My Home Blinds & Curtain we offer a complete solution for vertical blinds installation service
  • Roman BlindsRoman blinds are also considered beautiful, the good thing about roman blind is that it comes in varieties of shades and different colours, which made it perfect to blend in the atmosphere perfectly. Remon blinds are perfect to be installed in the living room, bedroom and dining room. So, choose from a different range of shades and colours, we at My Home Blinds & Curtains will do your blind installations.
  • Venetian BlindsVenetian blind is often used to cover small windows and it’s best to have installed them in room, bathroom and office which has small windows. Venetian Blinds are made of durable horizontal metal slats, which can be optimised to control the amount of light. For installation of Venetian blind call Custom Design Blinds.
  • Wooden BlindsWooden blinds are one of the best blinds which are very popular nowadays, it is made of wooden slats which are the best type of bling you can have at your home. You can choose from varieties of texture and patterns and have the installation we at My Home Blinds & Curtain will do the installations perfectly.

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My Home Blinds & Curtain is an age-old company who provides blinds installation services. We have a team of skilled technicians who are proficient in doing their job and they are always ready to help you with all type of Blind Installation service. Choose from our type of services and collections of blinds, be it mini blinds, honeycomb blind or faux wood blinds we’ve got your back. Hire the best professional blind installation services provider today, Custom Design Blinds is just a call away.